Ravn Baggage

Policies and Fees

Ravn Alaska - Baggage Policies

Passengers may check baggage for carriage in the cargo compartment of the aircraft and/or may carry baggage on board the aircraft subject to our policy. Carry-on baggage is required to be weighed at check-in.

Visit the TSA official website to learn more on items acceptable for baggage.

Recommended check in time is 90 minutes prior to departure. Flights are closed 40 minutes prior to departure.

Fees for checked baggage per passenger is as follows:

If traveling on a connecting flight via another air carrier, baggage fees for both Ravn Alaska and the other carrier may be applicable.
Standard Bag Fees First Bag Second Bag Third + additional bags
bags that weight up to 50 lbs and have a maximum dimensions of 62 linear inches (W x H x L).




Pet Fees Pet in Cabin Pet in Baggage
We have a max of two in-cargo pets per flight. Please see our Emotional Support Animal policy.



Maximum amount of five (5) checked bags are allowed per traveling passenger.
During peak travel periods, we may limit the number of bags that can be checked per passenger. See Baggage Limitations.
Baggage fee waivers apply to active US military personnel.
Any baggage which exceeds the size or weight allowance, is subject to the additional fees outlined below.

Overweight or Oversize Bags Bags that
weigh 51-100 lbs
Oversize Bag (63"-115")
If a bag falls into more than one fee category, only the higher single fee is charged.



No single piece of checked baggage may weigh more than 100 pounds and/or exceed 115" (linear). Additional fees apply for bags over 50 pounds. Baggage fees paid online, through our Contact Center, or at the airport are non-refundable if unused. See more information on the Contract of Carriage.

During peak travel period, Ravn Alaska will limit the number of checked bags by each passenger, to and from the following cities:

Type City Date Range Limit
Year-Round Homer
Dutch Harbor
Sand Point
Cold Bay
01/01-12/31 No more than 2 checked bags per person.
Additional bags may be checked and accepted on a standby, space-available basis.

Ravn Alaska will accept Baggage subject to the following conditions:

  1. Passengers must present a valid Ticket for transportation on Ravn Alaska or on Ravn Alaska and one or more other carriers with which Ravn Alaska has an Interline Transportation agreement.
  2. Checked Baggage will be carried on the same aircraft as the Passenger unless such carriage is deemed impractical by carrier, in which event the carrier will make arrangements to transport the Baggage on the next flight on which space is available.
  3. All Baggage or other property for which Ravn Alaska assumes custody and for which it issues a Baggage Claim Check shall be deemed acceptable for transportation by air. NOTE: Ravn Alaska has the right to refuse to accept Baggage without a signed Release of Liability from the Passenger.
  4. Operations, security directives, or other safety considerations may impose limitations to the allowable Carry-On Baggage on a specific flight. Ravn Alaska reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to determine the suitability and placement of storage of any items to be carried in the cabin of the aircraft. Subject to Carry-On storage capacities of the aircraft, Ravn Alaska reserves the right to check a Passenger’s Carry-On baggage if necessary.

Ravn Alaska will accept one (1) piece of Carry-On Baggage per passenger at no cost. Carry-On Baggage is subject to maximum outside dimension of 16”W x 9″H x 14″L and a maximum weight of 20 lbs. Carry-On Baggage must be retained in the Passenger’s custody and stored under a seat or in an area approved for the carriage of such baggage. Carry-on baggage must be weighed at check-in.

Active duty US military personnel
Must have a valid military ID: Bags may weigh up to 70 pounds and be up to 115" (linear) without incurring overweight or oversize fees.
First 5 bags free;
additional bags $100 each
Active duty US military dependents
Must have a valid military ID and travel orders: Bags may weigh up to 70 pounds and be up to 115" (linear) without incurring overweight or oversize fees.
First 5 bags free;
additional bags $100 each
Destination Phone Number
Anchorage (ANC)907-865-8788
Cold Bay (CDB)907-532-2484
Dutch Harbor (DUT)907-581-1383
Homer (HOM)907-235-5205
St. Mary's (KSM)907-438-6180
Sand Point (SDP)907-383-6000
Valdez (VDZ)907-835-2636

Hours vary by station depending on flight schedules. Numbers are operational 9AM-5PM daily or otherwise 2 hours prior to first flight and 1 hour past the last flight of the day.

Need more info? Check out our Contract of Carriage or contact us!