Cargo FAQ's

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At Ravn Alaska Cargo we offer three types of freight services: Ravn Rush, Priority and General (Standard). The loading order of all freight is shipped on the next available flight after passengers and their bags. You can find our current rates here. Contact your local cargo office to check on current availability.

Customers can call 907-243-2761 or email for assistance with your air waybill tracking.

For individual pieces, sizes within 40” x 40” x 40” and 500lbs or less are acceptable. (There are exceptions to this rule depending on destinations, loads, etc.) Please contact us with your specific dimensions.

The chargeable weight for your package will be either the actual weight or the dimensional weight of your package, whichever is greater.

Dimensional weight pricing is based on the volume of the package – how much space it occupies. To determine the DIM weight, multiply its length x width x height, divide the sum by 194.

Ravn Alaska Cargo does not offer pick up or delivery services. Ravn Alaska will promptly notify the Consignee that the shipment is available for pick up.

All shipments must be paid in full at the time of shipping. However, we can easily take payment over the phone at the time of shipment.

A Federal Excise Tax of 6.25% is applied to all U.S. shipments and is based on the basic weight/rate charge, valuation charges and fees such as dangerous goods/hazardous materials are also taxed.

Until we build our customer base and become more in-tune with our customer’s needs, we will not be extending accounts to any businesses at this time. However, we are pleased to offer a “credit card on file” system. In the meantime, we take check, debit and credit card.

Soon! We are working diligently to get the transportation of hazardous materials offered to our customers, in the safest way.

Yes! Here are a few tips for shipping live animals:

  • All live animals must be pre-booked at origin station a minimum of 48 hours in advance.
  • Animals must fit the kennel size. All animals must be able to stand up fully erect and look straight ahead without their head touching the top of the kennel. All animals must be able to fully turn around in the kennel.
  • Animals must be at least 8 weeks old and weaned.
  • Proof of rabies vaccine is required for all cats and dogs 3 months and older.
  • All kennels must be clean to accept for travel. Must have bedding and/or absorbent material.
  • Kennels must be airline approved and have original fasteners or fasteners that exceed the originals (screws, not clips or zip ties). Kennels that are damaged will not be accepted.
  • All animal shipments require a food dish and a water dish clipped inside the door.
  • Food and water must be offered within 4 hours of flight departure.
For price estimates, multiple animals, kennel specifics or any other questions please call Anchorage Cargo at 907-243-2761.

Shipments must follow general shipping guidelines and be packaged to prevent leaks and noticeable odors.

  • All perishable items should be packaged in wet lock boxes, totes with lids or coolers to prevent leaks
  • Freeze or Chill must marked on all packages, along with the name and phone number of the shipper and consignee.
  • Antlers must be wrapped and padded as to not damage other freight or baggage. Tips will be covered and no leaking from skull. Antlers will be charged a flat fee, not including tax, per set.
  • Shipping perishable items such as meat, seafood and antlers are at shipper’s risk.

Ravn Alaska Cargo has Basic Carrier Coverage for lost or damaged goods. However, we encourage our customers to consider added protection in the form of Declared Value, depending on your shipment.

Declared Value coverage allows you to increase the value of your goods up to its actual verified value. Keep in mind that Declared Value coverage only covers loss caused by the negligence of Ravn Alaska Cargo. Losses caused by other factors are excluded from coverage.

The coverage provided by Ravn Alaska Cargo is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy, which include, but are not limited to, the following exclusions:

  • Shipment of perishable goods and live animals are not covered;
  • Shipments that are not acceptable per Ravn Alaska's Rules and Policies are not covered;
  • Loss or damage due to insufficiency of packing is not covered; and
  • The Standard War Risk Exclusion applies.

Claim procedures and guidelines:

  • All claims must be made in writing, within sixty (60) days after the date of acceptance of the shipment by the consignee.
  • Exceptions:
    • Claims for hidden damage or loss, discovered by the consignee after leaving the cargo facility or airport, must be reported within fifteen (15) days after delivery of the shipment.
    • Claims for overcharges must be made in writing within ninety (90) days of receipt of billing.
To initiate the claim process, please email or to request a claim form.