Flycoin (FLY) FAQ

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FlyCoin (FLY) are earned for all paid flights operated by and booked with Ravn Alaska.

The base rate is 1¢ of FLY per mile flown... but all intra-Alaska trips get 7x (7¢/mile).

You will never earn less than $10 of FLY for a flight.

Currently 1 FLY = 2¢.

For example: A flight from Anchorage to Dutch Harbor is 789 miles one way. When you complete the flight you’ll earn 789 * 7¢ = $55.23 worth of FLY (2,761 FLY). A flight from Anchorage to Kenai is only 59 miles, but because you always earn a minimum of $10, you’ll get 500 FLY when you complete a flight to Kenai.

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Good news: FlyCoin never expire.

You earn FlyCoin by flying on passenger flights operated by and booked via Ravn Alaska.

Your FlyCoin will be credited to your account within 24 hours of the completion of your flight.

FlyCoin cannot be combined with any other frequent flyer program.

No, but at anytime you can exchange them for a Ravn Alaska credit voucher, good for any flight, product, or service Ravn offers.

Yes, besides earning FlyCoin by flying, you may also buy extra FlyCoin with vouchers or credit card at

Yes. The actual passenger flying on Ravn receives the FlyCoin, not the purchaser of the ticket.

Yes! You earn FlyCoin on all paid flights, regardless of how you paid or how much you paid.

FlyCoin are redeemed by converting them into a voucher. Therefore, you will get a voucher back if you cancel your ticket. You could then buy FlyCoin with that voucher if you'd like.

Yes of course! Just convert them into a voucher first.

Terms and Conditions

  1. FlyCoin can only be earned for flights booked directly with Ravn Alaska.
  2. FlyCoin cannot be combined with other Frequent Flyer programs including those of our partners.
  3. FlyCoin do not expire.
  4. FlyCoin can be issued at Ravn’s discretion to accommodate customer refunds, changes, goodwill, marketing, and prepaid programs.
  5. FlyCoin Rewards are issued to your account within 24 hours of the completion of your flight.
  6. This program is subject to change by Ravn Alaska.
  7. We reserve the right to cancel FlyCoin accounts due to fraudulent activity.
  8. Group flights (2-7 people) booked directly with Ravn Alaska can accrue FlyCoin. Charter flights do not accrue FlyCoin.