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Ravn Elite Status: what you need to know

There are three elite levels: Gold, Silver, Bronze

Earning Elite Status

It's simple. The more Flycoin (FLY) you have, the better!

  • Reach a balance of 250,000 FLY to gain Gold Status
  • Reach a balance of 50,000 FLY to gain Silver Status
  • Reach a balance of 25,000 FLY to gain Bronze Status
Elite Status will last from the time your FLY balance goes over the required FLY threshold through the next calendar year, regardless of whether you keep the balance in your account.
Elite Benefits

Primarily, you earn FLY faster. And FLY is as good as cash. You get:

  • Bonus FLY each time you travel with Ravn or Northen Pacific!
  • Complimentary access to The Navigator Lounge in Anchorage (for Northern Pacific Airways).

*Where applicable.

**For Northern Pacific Airways flights in the North Terminal.

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