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Core Values

We are all responsible for doing our part to protect each other and ensure the safety of the overall operation of our company. Whether you are a Ravn Alaska team member or passenger, our number one priority is your safety.

We are united in our commitment to providing you with the best possible experience when traveling with Ravn Alaska, and to serving our communities with excellence. It is also our unwavering commitment to each other as team members that contributes to our success.

We understand that our success relies on the honesty and integrity of every team member, and that our passenger's trust is built on the consistent transparency of our actions. By making decisions with integrity at heart, we uphold the trust of the greater community who relies on Ravn Alaska.

We are connected in our common goals of being the best and offering an incomparable experience to our passengers and the communities we serve. When we act as a strong connected unit to achieve our goals and elevate our values, our commitment to each other as team members allows us to thrive.

We must be reliable and offer consistency in what we do, how we do it, and when we do it. Being able to count on each other and to show our passengers that they can count on us is paramount to the long-term success of Ravn Alaska.

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