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Ravn Alaska - Ravn Alaska & Alaska Airlines Mileage™ Plan

Ravn Alaska & Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™

Ravn Alaska is pleased to offer expanded options for customers traveling within the state of Alaska to include a frequent flyer agreement with Alaska Airlines. Travelers will now be able to choose between earning and redeeming FlyCoin Rewards or Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ miles. Travelers wanting to earn miles will need an Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ account.

  • When booking through guests will see Alaska Airlines added as a loyalty program option effective August 12, 2021.
  • Travelers who prefer to use their Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ will begin accruing immediately. However, they will not see the miles in their Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ account until later this year.
  • In 2022, customers will have the ability to redeem miles on Alaska Airlines.
  • If Mileage Plan™ Members have questions about the program, please contact Alaska Airlines support.