Ravn Alaska Commemorative "Tokns"

Obverse Description (reverse varies by coin)

Has the Ravn Alaska logo and slogan, "We Call Alaska Home" and displays the Big Dipper (constellation Ursa Major) which symbolizes a bear, an animal indigenous to Alaska. As depicted on the Alaska state flag, its stars can be used as a guide to locate Polaris and determine true north.

Tokn Specifications:

DIAMETER: 1.205" (30.61mm)
THICKNESS: 0.085" (2.15mm)
WEIGHT: 0.4oz (11.34g)
MATERIALS: Nickel-plated Brass

To commemorate our return to serving Alaskan communities, we are proud to introduce the Ravn Alaska collectible "Tokn" series featuring all our destinations, each with original art by local artists!

Each "Tokn" is minted in a single limited run and is only available in Anchorage when flying to or from each specific community!

Tokns are $5 each... all proceeds go to charity.

(No cash value but can be used for $5 towards any Ravn Alaska service!)


  • Kenai
  • Homer
  • Valdez
  • Dutch Harbor
  • (5,000 minted each.)

    2022 and on:

  • St. Paul Island
  • Unalakleet
  • Sand Point
  • Cold Bay
  • King Salmon
  • Dillingham
  • St. Mary's
  • Aniak
  • (5,000 minted each.)

Are you a local Alaskan artist that is interested in designing a Tokn? Please reach out with a link to your portfolio or website. We are always looking for more talent for future designs!

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